IMAP Cheat Sheet

Basic Commands

telnet <server> 143Connect to the IMAP server using Telnet
a login <username> <password>Authenticate the user
a select <mailbox>Select a mailbox
a examine <mailbox>Examine a mailbox
a list "" "*"List all available mailboxes
a fetch <message_set> <attribute>Fetch message attributes
a store <message_set> <flags>Set message flags
a search <charset> <search_criteria>Search for messages
a create <mailbox>Create a new mailbox
a delete <mailbox>Delete a mailbox
a logoutLog out of the IMAP server

IMAP Operations

ConnectEstablish a connection to the IMAP server
AuthenticateVerify the user’s identity
SelectChoose a mailbox to work with
ExamineInspect the contents of a mailbox
ListGet a list of available mailboxes
FetchRetrieve message attributes
StoreSet message flags
SearchFind messages matching a set of criteria
CreateCreate a new mailbox
DeleteRemove a mailbox
LogoutTerminate the session with the server

IMAP Flags

\SeenThe message has been read
\AnsweredThe message has been replied to
\FlaggedThe message is flagged for special attention
\DeletedThe message is marked for deletion
\DraftThe message is a draft

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